Marvel Heroes – Big Patch!

May 16, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m hooked on Marvel Heroes and a participant of the closed beta. If you played the open beta last weekend and found the game lacked depth, you need to read this.

On May 14th, a massive patch came through that brought with it more characters, powers, and missions (to name a few enhancements). Without going into detail, note that Marvel Heroes has now entered a new level of awesome. Here are 3 examples:

  1. New gameplay modes: Upon completion of the Endgame, players can participate in Daily missions, Group Challenges and Survival Challenges. You only have to complete the game with one hero to unlock these modes for all other heroes you may play as.
  2. Optional auto-teaming: Have you ever played along-side some random person in a dungeon or instance but didn’t invite them to group up or friend you? MMOs are best enjoyed with friends and now you can allow the game to pair you up! I’ve actually made a few friends just by the game encouraging us to play together more.
  3.  Ultimate Powers: Every hero unlocks an Ultimate Power at level 30. Defeating bosses unlocks tokens that can be used to level up these powers.

There is certainly more to come. If you want to play along-side me, my account name is JoeGWW.