Marvel Heroes Character Guide: Angela

Sep 4, 2016

AngelaDamage Type: Physical

Attack: Melee

Achievements: Moderate

Character Type: AOE Mob Killer

The Assassin of Asgard has been released for Marvel Heroes. Angela is actually a Spawn character that was introduced into the Marvel Universe at the end of the Age of Ultron comic event.  Angela is the long thought dead sister of Thor. Since being introduced, Angela has spent most of her time in the MU teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I was excited for Angela because she’s a bad-ass and would give me a reason to use my Gamora Team-up, unfortunately I think Angela is little bit of a disappoint as characters go, but she does have some redeeming points.

Angela seems a bit weak as far as health and damage. She feels squishy and just doesn’t do enough damage for a warrior type character. To help this, I use Piercing Ribbons as her main attack. Piercing Ribbons is a channeling melee attack in which her ribbons lash out at rapid speed attacking whatever you’re pointing at. Attacking with his power regains Angela’s health which helps her survive during combat. It has great reach for a melee power allowing you to hit enemies half a screen away.Writhing Ribbon gives enemies vulnerability to help Angela’s low damage output. Unfortunately, the animation is hard to read the range of this powers area of effect, but it appears to only work with enemies right next to you. To further help with Angela’s damage output, I selected the specialization of Living Ribbons that will cause her ribbons to lash out and attack independently.The final combat move I use frequently is Ichor’s Wrath. This melee power always does brutal damage and will act as an execute power if targets are bleeding, vulnerable, or weakened.

My favorite ability with Angela is her Hypnotic Ribbons. This power will confuse enemies to attack each other with a significant attack buff. In my current build the confused enemies will attack with 7000% increased damage.  The power works also works while Angela is using her flight movement power too. It’s so satisfying to use Hypnotic Ribbons  and fly through a group of enemies and watch as they all murder themselves. It’s easy to clear whole levels in this manner. While Hypnotic Ribbons is Angela’s best power, her signature one of her worst. Nothing for Nothing, her signature move can be triggered five times doing massive damage each time. It sounds good on paper, but her attacks with the power at really hard to land as with each attack she lunges forward. On multiple occasions, I’ve missed hitting with this move two or three times out of the total five. The Marvel Heroes community is pretty upset with power so it’s possible it may change.

Hypnotic Ribbons+Flying= Her best power

Hypnotic Ribbons+Flying= Her best power

Angela’s achievements are pretty easy and I was able to grind them out within a few days, but are dependent on random events occurring which is why I’m ranking them as moderately difficult. The achievement that gave me the most difficult was one in which I had to kill all the Asgardian bosses. Kurse, Malekith,and Loki are easy enough, but the list of other baddies you need to kill only spawn during the Loki wave of Industrial City and the Malekith wave in Midtown Patrol. Waiting around for these waves can be annoying. Another achievement requires you to kill 200 demons. with ribbon powers. Demons aren’t an enemy type that regularly appear, but I was lucky enough to get the demon wave in the Holo-Sim. Patient players could wait till Mystic Mayhem for easier demon kills. A Gamora is required for one achievement as well which may lock out players from 100% Angela if they don’t have her and don’t want to spend money on getting her.

My build for reference

My build for reference

Overall, my opinion of Angela is she is “okay”. There are better heroes than her and she’s a bit underwhelming compared to more recently  released heroes such as Ultron and Elektra. I’d only recommend Angela to fans of her, and even then only as a support character within a group of friends teaming up to play together as her damage output on bosses is lacking.