Marvel Heroes Character Guide: Elektra

Jun 22, 2016


ElektraDamage Type: Physical

Attack: Melee

Achievements: Easy

Character Type: Boss Killer / AOE Mob Killer

It’s been a few months since the launch of Elektra on Marvel Heroes, but she’s still a hero that is worth playing.  Elektra’s core mechanics revolve around her being a stealthy assassin.  Elektra can “Mark” Elites and bosses which then give her special attack attributes specifically against Marked targets.  Elektra can individually select targets, but the build I used made “marking” feel more natural.  Marked for Death is the power name that is tied to the Marking mechanic. One perk of it is that targets can be marked if they are hit when Elektra is stealthed.  Slip into Water is Elektra’s movement power, and is essentially a teleport move. In addition to teleporting, Slip into Water gives Elektra a few seconds of stealth.  Knowing this, the easiest way to “mark” targets is to teleport next to them and hit them while in stealth.

My preferred method of attack is Cut a Swath, in which Elektra spins a bladed chain around her. It’s a channeling power so as long as you have the spirit, or in Elektra’s case, Endurance it stays active. Elektra never ran out of endurance using my build which allowed me to teleport and hit targets like a the Tasmanian Devil. Cut a Swath pretty much kills any normal mob and if Elites are marked they take 50% more damage almost killing them instantly.  Using this teleport and AOE channeling attack, Elektra can take out mobs with ease.

When encountering bosses Elektra  has several powers to take them down quickly. Elektra has not one, but two execution powers which scale their damage output based on the percentage of health the enemy has lost. When encountering a boss I will use my teleport attack to mark them. After this I use Mark for Death which can be activated for a damage buff. Once active, I use her special attack, Not Even the Stars. This power does massive damage  if you can keep the boss within the area of  it’s attack. At this point, I’ll use any of her execution moves.  Thrown Blade, which is ranged, or Behind you, a backstab melee attack. It should be noted that the execution moves will consume the “Marked” Mark and will need to be reapplied to take full advantage of Elektra’s damage output. While I’m waiting for powers on cooldown, I typically spin around using Cut a Swath.  This technique can take bosses out quiet quickly. At my Bidding, allows Elektra to summon in Hand Ninjas to attack marked targets. It’s not the most useful for dealing damage, but it’s just cool to see Hand assassins rolling with her, which is why I use it.

Elektra Powers

Elektra’s Build for Reference

Elektra’s achievements are pretty easy to 100% and I was able to do most of them by playing the first four story missions. One achievement requires her to kill 1000 Hand Ninja’s using melee, which seems daunting, but goes quiet quick if you are using Cut a Swath. Another tricky achievement is one which requires the Pirate Deadpool Teamup, most players have him already since getting him comes from solving a hidden ingame riddle. If you haven’t nabbed him yet you should! Once acquired, players have to kill X amount of enemies while he is out, but it goes quick since Elektra is a mob killer.

All in all, I thought Elektra was pretty fun. She’s simple to use and taking out hordes of mobs with ease never gets old,  Her ability to take out Bosses quickly makes her a good rush and looting character as well. I recommend her as a Hero people should play.

Stay tuned for my next Character Guide with the advent of the Ultron!