Marvel Heroes Character Guide: Ultron

Jul 5, 2016


Damage Type: Energy and Physical

Attack: Ranged

Achievements: Easy

Character Type: Summoner

The Age of Ultron has begun in Marvel Heroes with Ultron becoming a playable character. Ultron has been a character I’ve personally been looking forward to, and he doesn’t disappoint. My build for Ultron is a Ranged Summoner build. Ultron attacks are energy based, but the summons used do physical damage. It’s important not to neglect devoting some resources to Ultrons Strength or Physical damage.  Since Ultron is a summoner, don’t forget about increasing his Intelligence to boost damage and durability for his summons. It can be tricky to balance all three of these attributes. I focused on Intelligence and Energy with Strength being a minor skill.  I went this route as boosting Intelligence has more potential gain for summons then boosting Strength.

Ultron has two summons he can call in, Ranged Drones and Close Combat Bladed Drones. I opted for the Bladed Drones as they have a taunt ability and do more damage. Putting skill points into the Ranged Drones has benefits as they each point invested has a synergy effect increasing damage for 2.5% per skill point.  Their can only be up to six drones out at a time. Ultron has three different specializations which can enhance his powers. To get the most out of my Blade Drones, I selected the Melee specialization under Ultron Prime. This adds a flamethrower to the Blade Drone. In action they are a fury to behold, cutting down anything in their path. When engaging Bosses the power Swarm will direct all drones to attack the selected target letting you sit back from afar while your drones do the work.

Ultron Minions

Ultron and Blade Drones

Ultron himself has pretty basic attacks. Precise Beams is the common attack I use for blasting normal mobs. The blast is penetrating so any enemies within it’s line of fire will be hit. When attacking elites, Energy Overload shoots a massive energy beam in a straight line, that typically  one hits blue elites. Like Precise Beams this power is penetrating as well. Large groups of common mobs are easily dispatched with Annihilate which triggers a massive AOE attack.  Any enemies left standing are vulnerable and received 10% more damage. Drones are effective of mopping up the remains.

Ultron can kill bosses pretty quickly. When encountering a boss use Annihilate to get the damage boost, target the drones with Swarm, and use Ultron’s signature power We are Ultron. This will summon in two squadrons of Ultron head drones that do massive energy damage. In addition to this, We are Ultron boosts Ultrons damage and the attack speed of your drones. Using this technique, boss fights end fast with Ultron the victor.

Ultron Build for Reference

Ultron Build for Reference

My only complaint about Ultron is he feels a bit squishy. If drones fail to engage targets and get kills Ultron can quickly go down. If players are able to effectively “hide” behind their drones and attack from a distance this really isn’t a problem. Complaints aside, I like Ultron. He feel powerful, and watching drones tear stuff apart never gets old. If you like summoners, I would recommend giving him a shot.