Marvel Heroes Coming to PS4 and XBOX One This Year

Apr 5, 2017

One thing that game developers and companies have realized is that they can attract new players to MMO’s by making them Free-to-play. The other thing that they have recently discovered is that those same games can be ported over to console gamers as well.


Today it was announced that the popular MMO game Marvel Heroes will be available as Marvel Heroes Omega for both platforms. The Free-To-Play MMO will let players choose which character in the Marvel universe they wish to play and have that character enter into a battle to stop Doctor Doom and his plans for the Cosmic Cube. You can check out the Playstation

and XBOX trailers below.

While we still don’t have a release date, information about a closed beta should be coming soon. We will continue to follow details of this announcement as more of them are available.

Do you play Marvel Heroes? What do you think of the news of the game coming to consoles? What would you like to see from the console versions of the game itself. Let us know in the comments below.

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