My Marvel Heroes Diary for 10-16-13: Random Hero Box #4

Oct 17, 2013

Welcome back for another installment of My Marvel Heroes Diary where I take you on a journey throughout this MMO-ARPG created by some wonderful folks at Gazillion Entertainment.  Simply, It’s like a diary and stuff, but with like all about this Marvel Heroes game…  Anyway, I would like to welcome new viewers to this post thanks to Joe at  Feel free to comment away.

I have spent the last few weeks (24 game hours) trying to get Deadpool to level 30.  I gotta say it felt quicker than the other characters.  Mainly because I was always entertained by what Deadpool always had to say.  His script is plain awesome.  From level 1 I wanted to make sure that I got his first Legendary Quest fulfilled but that didn’t start until like the 6th chapter.  After I finished that first one it jumped to “heroic level” Chapter 2.  So, the first story-line play through with him I was only able to do 1 Legendary Quest.  I got over it.  Because I started over again in Heroic almost immediately and got to Chapter 2 and finished my 2nd Legendary Quest (we’ll call them LQ’s)  and then to my 3rd which brings me to this point.  My quest entails me to 1.  Destroy 10 Food Trucks, 2.  Destroy 20 Elite Maggia, 3.  Destroy 10 Food Carts.  This quest is unfortunately bugged and it has been all week.  The food carts already appear destroyed and they do not respawn.  Bummer.  I’m assuming the dev team knows about it because there is a post in the forums about it.  So, for this week I’ve been at a stand still with Deadpool because I don’t really want to level him past the quest.  So, starting today I’ve decided to focus on getting Scarlet witch to level 30.  I should have had her at 30 weeks ago, but Deadpool gained my attention.  (Rarity synergy bonus).

They are also aware that the Legendary Quest system is slightly bugged.  I mean, all of my level 30 characters all have quests that are either deep into the storyline or midway.  Iron Man is level 43 and his quest is in chapter 7 or something I believe.  Which means I would have to go through 6 chapters or so of Grey mobs/bosses.  That is a waste of time.  With him I think I will try to continue to level outside of the “Heroic” until I can get to “Super-Heroic” and then reroll the quest and start fresh.  In a supposed glitch I was able to take my Cyclops character from chapter to to Chapter 5? (Madripoor) because the character that I had in there prior to switching had that chapter unlocked so, magically it was unlocked when I switched over to Cyclops.  I finished my first LQ with him last night.  Whoop!

Let’s get down to business.  Why were all here today.  The super-duper Random Hero Box Reveal!!!  I obtained my last E-splinter this afternoon and waited for tonight to do the reveal.  Exclusively on my channel.  By the way… I twitch now.  It’s still very young.  No audio and No Cam yet but there is Video gameplay.  I’m still working on the Quality of video that I can stream as well so, if you stop by please don’t berate me.  Psych!  Nobody has stopped by… it’s all to the good.  Once I get the stream the way I want it I will be advertising on everything I do.  I’m not worried about having tons of viewers right now.  Although it would make it easier to troubleshoot video and audio setups.

Wow, Tangent city over here!  Still fearing my first RHB duplicate I opened the super-duper special Random Hero box (RHB) to get…

Ms. Marvel Duplicate Token!  ...or should I sayUltimate Power Upgrade for a character that I have at level 5 and the Ultimate power is available at level 30.  yup, I’m sore.

I knew it was going to happen someday.  I also knew it was gonna sting when it did.  …and It does.

So, I took Deadpool and went to check the “Food Cart” situation.  still busted.

Changed to Scarlet Witch to work on Leveling to 30.  Ended up dropping a Fortune Card and completing my first LQ with her.  …and obtaining 9 E-Splinters in one play session.  Not bad at all.  Fortune card right.  I was hoping for the costume “Deadpool – Unmasked” but no luck tonight whatsoever.  I got a 1 hr Rarity Boost.  Sad Face.

Current Hero Levels & Count (13/24)

Cyclops: Level 35

Daredevil:  Level 31

Deadpool:  Level 30

Emma Frost:  Level 6

Hawkeye: Level 30

Human Torch: Level 4

Iron Man:  Level 43

Jean Grey:  Level 34

Luke Cage:  Level 1

Ms. Marvel: Level 5

Scarlet Witch: Level 28

Storm:  Level 1

Thing Level 37

Time Played:  220 Hours per

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to http://www.marvelheroes.comand download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

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