Marvel Heroes’ newest enhanced hero – Wiccan!

Feb 5, 2015

C5qQbaTEvery month without fail Gazillion Entertainment manages to push out a new hero or team up in Marvel Heroes 2015. They probably have an intense schedule of choosing, designing and implementing heroes that look and feel like our favorites from the comics. Despite all of that, sometimes Gazillion will give us a treat that we don’t expect. One that doesn’t require much effort on their part. Sometimes we get new heroes that have the same basic powers as existing heroes in the game as an enhanced costume. I think the first example of this was Beta Ray Bill. He has the same powers as Thor (I’d argue he’s stronger but that’s another topic for another article). So Gazillion just sculpted the Beta Ray Bill character model, got different voice acting recorded and boom we have a new hero! Since then we’ve gotten heroes like Spider-Girl (Gwen coming soon!), Anti-Venom/Toxin, Captain Mar-Vell, Lady Deadpool, Kate Bishop and Lady Loki. Well Gazillion has done it again. In between Venom being released and the just released Winter Soldier, we got a fan favorite enhanced costume for Scarlet Witch… Wiccan!

125618-163377-wiccanWiccan in the comics was William Kaplan, a huge Scarlet Witch fan boy, who was bullied in school for being different. He met Scarlet Witch once during a tour of the Avengers Tower and she gave him words of encouragement that made him stand up to his bully. At that time his electromagnetic powers manifested and he realized that he was a mutant. He later developed Chaos Magic Reality Warping just like Scarlet Witch. This means that although several people claim that Wiccan should have been his own character (and still could be one day), that his powers are close enough Scarlet Witch’s that he could be an enhanced costume hero for her character!

Gazillion made up a gorgeously crafted character model for Wiccan (with flowing cape!), and recolored Scarlet Witch’s powers blue. This gives the look and feel of Scarlet Witch with a purely Wiccan flavor. I think this is just another bit of proof that Gazillion really listens to their fans wants, by giving them all the heroes they can, as fast as they possibly can. Wiccan wouldn’t have been made into his own hero for a while. He came in at #31 on the most wanted playable heroes list, which is fairly high but still below such heroes as Black Bolt, Ant-Man, Namor, Havok, Archangel and Magik, who still aren’t announced as planned. Gazillion took a look at the list of most wanted heroes and is obviously brainstorming ways to get as many heroes into their game as fast as possible.


I just recently got my Scarlet Witch to 60 after not being too interested in her for almost two years. I enjoy the character of Wiccan much more than I do Scarlet Witch (House of M just didn’t set well with me when referring to her.), so giving her a Wiccan skin made me want to play the character finally. I’m really glad I did too. Scarlet Witch has always been an extremely powerful character in Marvel Heroes 2015. You may see her in an X-Defense just twirling around in her big red bubble of death, and there is a good reason for it. She really kicks butt and since Wiccan is essentially the same hero… so does he! If you haven’t tried out Scarlet Witch, I highly recommend picking up his costume in the G Store and giving her a go. The Wiccan enhanced costume gives me hope that other heroes with similar powers to some already in game, could get into the game eventually, and that’s a reality that isn’t being warped. One last thing to note is that Scarlet Witch will be receiving her 52 review alongside Avengers: Age of Ultron. I would expect the team at Gazillion to redesign her to fit alongside her movie counterpart. That being said, they may end up completely overhauling Scarlet Witch/Wiccan, so now is a great time to play Wiccan, because post May he may seem less like he is in the comics and more like Scarlet Witch is in the new films.