Marvel Is Indeed Looking At Female Directors For ‘Captain Marvel’; Angelina Jolie Actually Wanted?

Mar 27, 2015


Another tidbit is coming from Meet The Movie Press as they reveal that Marvel is indeed looking to hire a female director to make Captain Marvel. Jeff suggests two directors are currently in the mix but isn’t able to name them.

There’s been chatter that Marvel might be announcing casting soon or has already cast the role of Carol Danvers for a cameo in Age of Ultron, while other yet to be reliable sources claim otherwise.

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Josh Dickey who was guesting on the show brought-up the Angelina Jolie rumor which was circling the tabloids a while back. At the time, it was said she was being offered $20 million to direct which set-off alarms considering the studio is known for being cheap when it comes to paying actors and even more so it’s directors. Jolie is also busy with two other film projects, but Captain Marvel likely won’t even start production until Fall 2017.

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We currently don’t have these two names Jeff was hinted to, but it’s hard for Marvel not consider Jolie considering Warner Bros. landed Michelle MacLaren for Wonder Woman. They might need a heavy-weight director to tackle the material, or at the very least an Emmy/Oscar level candidate.

Then again, Marvel has pursued the lesser known film directors with names like Joss Whedon, James Gunn and The Russo Brothers. It’s possible we could see a left-field candidate or candidates in the mix.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been hearing that a female director is being sought for Captain Marvel from a respected outlet. Only a couple of days ago Latino Review suggested it was the case, nixing the chances of Adam McKay likely directing it. They added that Cap Marvel comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Jim Starlin the mastermind of Marvel’s cosmic universe possibly getting involved with the film’s script or story.

It’s a bit odd they’re mentioning possible contributors when I’ve heard a draft for Captain Marvel has already been written months ago, could Kelly Sue be that mystery screenwriter not Nicole Perlman?

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I’ve been campaigning for someone like Jane Goldman to write Captain Marvel for ages, since she’s been adapting multiple novels and comics for the screen successfully with X-Men First Class, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Maybe it’s time for Jane to finally make the jump to directing after watching her partner in-crime Matthew Vaughn behind the scenes for a decade?



I’m actually down to see a trio of female creatives getting involved in the project with writers, director and lead actress.

Captain Marvel has an official release date set for November 2nd, 2018


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