Marvel reveals plans for new Jessica Jones ongoings series at ECCC 2016

Apr 10, 2016

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After the raving success that was the Jessica Jones Netflix exclusive television series set inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it appears Marvel Comics has finally given into to it’s readers desires for a new Jessica Jones solo ongoing comic book series.  At Emerald City Comi-Con 2016 legendary Marvel Writer, and author of the original Alias: Jessica Jones comic for the company anounced in a panel that the series would be returning after the events of  Civil War II.

Below is Bendis’s exact quote from ECCC:

“After ‘Civil War II’ you can look for a return. I genuinely think you’ll be surprised by what we do in the first issue. I pitched it actually to Melissa Rosenberg, who runs the TV show, at WonderCon and she said, ‘Really?’ But wait for the official announcement, because this is not it.”

So even though we don’t have an official press announcement from marvel of the characters return, you can bet if a writer with the clout of Bendis says it’s happening, it is as definitive as Kill Grave saying so.  Even better the series will feature the return of Original Alias artist: Michael Gaydos.  Jessica Jones has not been a prominent part of Marvel Comics since she left the New Avengers to focus on raising her daughter: Danielle.

(Source: CBR)

Please let us know what you think of Jessica Jones return to Marvel Comics in the comments below, are those of you who enjoyed the Netflix show planning on checking this out? 


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