Marvel’s Voices #1 (Review)

Feb 19, 2020

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Marvel’s Voices #1
Marvel Comics

Written by: Method Man, Vita Ayala, Kyle Baker, Chuck Brown, Roxane Gay, Rob Markman, Evan Narcisse, Anthony Piper, Brian Stelfreeze, Geoffrey Thorne, David F. Walker
Art by: Vita Ayala, Kyle Baker, Natacha Bustos, Roxane Gay, Sanford Greene, Ray-Anthony Height, James Monroe Iglehart, Alitha Martinez, Lenard McKelvey, Brandon Montclare, Evan Narcisse, Anthony Piper, Damion Scott, Brian Stelfreeze, Geoffrey Thorne, Luciano Vecchio, David F. Walker

One of the things that I loved in high school and college was when I got the chance to read short stories. There is something just so satisfying about grabbing a book of short story collections and being able to read anything. Marvel voices volume 1 captures that essence. In Marvel’s Voices, you’ll find 14 “short stories” that touch on the lives of different characters. Not every story is as strong, but I do feel that Marvel’s Voices offers a great package and it provides more good stories than bad ones. I guess every collection book has to have its fair share of “just okay” stories. Every author deserves praise. Whether the story is one page long or a couple of pages, each tells a short and cohesive story.

Something that I love from this collection is the different art styles that you find as you flip through the pages. The art style varies from dark grays to colors that just jump out of the page. Each story has its own unique take. I was surprised by how much I loved the Spider-Man short. I loved the art style of the silver surfer story. I was taken back to the classic comic book style of art with the Wolverine and Hulk story at the end. If you are a fan of Marvel anything, you should definitely read this.

As someone who grew up with Marvel characters, this was a great read. It was awesome to see a book that shared the pages with Spider-Man, Black Panther, Wolverine, and that’s just to name a few. Trust me there is a story for just about anyone. Whether you want something with humor, or thought-provoking, or just something light-hearted and fun, Marvel’s Voices has you covered.