Mason Sims Legacy Tournament

Mar 17, 2016

Do you like Rocket League and charity? Well if you do I have the perfect opportunity to destroy others at Rocket League and feel good about yourself for reasons others than being awesome at Rocket League.  Through my various gaming and website exploits I’ve met the individual Jay “MeefJ” Sims. Jay is one of the nicest and caring people you’ll meet. December 13th, 2013 his wife gave birth to twins at just 28 weeks. The pregnancy was difficult and one of the twins, Mason had many health difficulties. The family chronicles much of their lives during this period on their Facebook page Praying for Gray and Mason.

The next several years has been an emotional rollercoaster for them trying to get all the help they could for Mason. Unfortunately, life is a fragile thing and Mason Sims passed away January 29th of this year. The family has been greatly impacted by the loss of their child as well as costs of medical care for Mason.


One of Jay’s favorite games is Rocket League. In order to help raise his spirits and to help his family some of his friends at Every Day Gamers are hosting a Rocket League Tournament  in Mason Sims honor. Here are the details from event planner Chris:

  • The tournament date is Saturday May 7th with a projected start time of 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.  All rounds will be played this day.
  • For the time being we will playing on the PS4 and PC platforms (*this may change to include XB1 if cross-platform play is integrated prior to the tournament*).
  • To encourage a more fun outing and break things up, teams will be randomly drawn and announced 1 week before the tournament.
  • We plan on 3v3 matches but will happily expand that to 4v4 if there are enough players.
  • I personally recommend Curse or Skype as a FREE chat option if your team has cross platform players, but that is of course up to each team. Mobile iOS/Android apps are available.
  • Prizes to be announced at a later date.
  • Please help us spread the word!  Bring a friend!
  • We are happy to see anyone that will be able to stream on game day!  I’ll be happy to publish a list of streams if you can forward me that information!
  • Keep checking back here and follow the @EverydayGamers Twitter for more updates as we get closer or feel free to contact me directly at @HolyHeadshot or  !

To join the tournament, Send an email to with your Gamertag and platform as well as paying the suggested entry fee of $50 at the Baby Mason Medical Fund donation page. All donations made will do directly to the Sims family.

Rocket MS

Please take the time to consider joining the tournament.  It’s going to be a fun casual time and the Sims family would really appreciate the support.