The Massive #22 Review (Dark Horse)

Apr 15, 2014

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massive 22The Massive #22

By: Brian Wood

Art by: Danijel Zezelj

Brian Wood’s The Massive #22 from Dark Horse Comics begins a compelling new arc featuring Mary leading a security detail across the desert in a convoy of the new world’s most valued commodity – fresh water. As the series gears up for its final year this three-part arc entitled ‘Sahara’ is easily accessible to new readers and a nice diversion from Garry and company for existing readers.

The story is setup nicely in the opening pages describing what’s at stake as a huge convoy of haulers will transport water across four miles in northern Africa amid pirates, warlords and sandstorms. Local soldiers are hired to drive while the women are used as security. There is no shortage of women willing to risk everything in this post-apocalyptic world of meager means. Mary especially is going to make sure they don’t fail despite the danger. Even as she carries her unborn child.

Wood deftly gets down to details with the opening exposition without any unnecessary information. The stage is set and the focus lands on Mary as she tries to inspire the other local women. Its her character and determination that propels this story so far. She is wonderfully realized and a capable leader. Artist Danijel Zezelj and colorist Jordie Bellaire masterfully capture the expansiveness of the desert and the bleakness of the situation among the locals. Bellaire especially with the almost monochromatic color scheme conveys the desolation of the desert. A wonderful start to what will be an exciting chapter to Wood’s brilliant series.

Review By: Enrique Rea