Matt Nix’s ‘X-Men’ TV Series To Begin Filming This March in Texas; Connected to the ‘Hellfire Club’?

Feb 6, 2017

Full steam ahead seems to be the case for showrunner Matt Nix’s upcoming untitled X-Men TV Series at FOX. Currently, we know that the pilot will be directed by longtime X-Men director Bryan Singer. The show will also feature Sentinels as they hunt down a family of mutants.

Now thanks to the guys from My Entertainment World we have learned that the TV Pilot will begin filming March 13th in Dallas, Texas. Something else that is interesting that it labels the show (aka Hellfire) under the production title Heaven. As we know FOX passed on another X-Men TV Series based on the Hellfire Club last year. So that is something to look out for…maybe this is a new iteration of the original Hellfire idea:

Matt Nix’s X-Men Series will debut on FOX

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