MegaMan: Fully Charged # 5 (REVIEW)

Dec 15, 2020



MegaMan: Fully Charged # 5
Boom Studios

Story by: A.J. Marchisello & Marcus Rinehart
Illustrated by: Stefano Simeone
Colored by: Igor Monti & Sabrina Del Grosso
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire

The collaborative team on MegaMan: Fully Charged use this issue to highlight the personal pain amongst the machines. Both Aki (MegaMan) and Daini (NegaMan) hope to bring their family together. As beautifully as this conflict is it is the conflict that complicates this issue. Both the art and story of Fully Charged # 5 are amazing. At times they can get in each others way, much like NegaMan feels about Megaman.

The story sees an emotional Dr Light and MegaMan struggling to reach their distant family member. Of course all of their words are for naught as NegaMan has his own agenda. Both groups dialogue, while stereotypical, is necessary for the energy this issue needs to present. Marchisello and Rinehart present NegaMan as feeling unwanted and unloved. Because of these feelings we witness his full attitude and rage for Megaman and Dr. Light. It is NegaMan’s pain which provides the action for this issue.

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The robot fight between Aki and Daini is action packed. Rush and Suna offer assistance which could have created a lopsided battle. Ultimately this doesn’t occur since not all the participants are interested in fighting. Dr Light and his “children” create quite the interesting sibling rivalry dynamic. This tag-in/tag-out method sees Megaman interested in saving his “brother” while Rush and Suna are more interested in disabling NegaMan.

Ultimately MegaMan Fully Charged # 5 ends with dialogue aimed at presenting everyone’s side. A fast paced battle partially delivers what could be the beginning of the next robot revolution. Much of the appeal of MegaMan for me was the robot and his powers. This story is more about his humanity and heart.

Score: 7.8


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