Mezo Battle at Coban Rock Issue 3 (of 5) Volume 2

Aug 3, 2022

Mezo Battle Rock # 3 Cvr

Previous issues, they all lead to this very issue. Issue 3, The Battle at Coban Rock. Issues 1 and 2, they are truly the prelude to this one.   

Mezo Battle at Coban Rock Issue 3 (of 5) Volume 2 (Review)

The Battle!

A Wave Blue World

Writer: Tyler Chin-Tanner

Artist: Val Rodrigues

Colorists: Gab Contreras and Varga Tomi

Letterer: Thomas Mauer

The Story of the Battle:

This is the Battle issue. Expect nothing less. It begins in the midst of battle. Blood on hands. Rage and vengeance for the death of her father fuels Kyma’s thirst for the demise of those responsible. Thus, clouding her judgement despite her mother’s well thought out and planned battle strategy.

Roden realises that they are at a disadvantage and calls out to Phegor to regroup. However, like Kyma, Phegor’s anger is so intense that all he is focused on is death.

Kyma finds herself in a bind, surrounded by the enemy and facing imminent death….

Amidst the throngs of the raging battle, two foes come face to face… And realise, they are not foes. And their reunion is the bubble of serenity among the chaos…

Final Thoughts:

I have been waiting for this issue with much anticipation. The previous issues created the perfect premise for this one. In the first few frames alone, the tension, the anger, the lust for blood, it is evident. It jumps up at you as you page along. Blood spatter, the animosity. It jumps off the pages. Oh and I have to mention. The frames that depict Phegor as the Warrior that he is? One word: MAGNIFICANT!

What stood out for me on this issue, is that we are all different. The way we look, where we come from culturally. Yet. We are all similar in the battles our ancestors have faced, in the battles we face. Similarities akin to that of Phegor and Kyma. Their anger, their thirst for revenge and blood. Standing on opposites sides of Battle yet, the emotions are the same…

Personally. As I page through the issues, Mezo gets better and better. I look forward to and dread the last 2 issues of Volume 2 simultaneously…

Score: 8.5