Mezo Battle at Coban Rock Issue 4 (of 5) Volume 2

Aug 4, 2022

Mezo # 4

As mentioned before, previous issues tell a story. But it is in Issue 4 of Mezo Battle at Coban Rock the loose strings begin to tie together. You know, the little tiny bits that both the writer and artist sneak in every so now and again!

Mezo Battle at Coban Rock Issue 4 (of 5) Volume 2

A Wave Blue World

Writer: Tyler Chin-Tanner

Artist: Val Rodrigues

Colorists: Gab Contreras and Varga Tomi

Letterer: Thomas Mauer

Throwback to yesteryear:

In this issue we are transported back to Metzalpotek, two days before the Rupture. A better place, a happier time for all. Issue 4 begins with a contest where Roden, Uhna and Balaque team up to proof their worth to be alk’ti Warriors.

And in the crowd, we see a young Phegus and Azeillya. Phegus, who was convinced that he was destined to a scientist just like his father. Can you believe it?

It also brings to the fore, the strong bond shared between the twins and Roden.

The Art:

The cover of Issue 4! Val Rodrigues and Gab Contreras! The cover is an indication of what lies in the coming pages… (can you hear that? That slow clap of appreciation?!)

There are pages in this issue that are single frames, and there are some which one image has been spilt into 3. Personally, I loved this take. It showed quick movement, and different angles of the same scene. The artist was brave in using this approach, however he pulled it off brilliantly.

Final Thoughts:

Issue 4 is the issue I never knew I needed. It provided the answers that previous issues had left unanswered. It sheds light on why Phegus, prefers to no longer go by that name. Close bonds and friendships are revealed…And, FINALLY the truth finally raises it blaring head.

Score: 8.7