Mister Miracle #10 Review

Jul 31, 2018


Mister Miracle #10
DC Comics

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mitch Gerads
Letters by: Clayton Cowles

Mister Miracle and Big Barda can finally stop the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, but it will cost them their son. They must decide whether or not to give their son Jacob to Darkseid or fight a lost war.

This was a tension-filled issue that ends will leave readers anxious to read the next one. Especially since there are only two issues left in this incredible series. Tom King just methodically moves through the story while Scott Free is being eaten alive by the decision he has to make, it’s almost tough to read. There are so many questions left unanswered that I wonder if this series has time to get to them. I’m hoping King doesn’t leave us hanging, but I can’t deny the journey has been captivating.

The story featured a lot of great character moments, like Big Barda‚Äôs mostly quiet anger, and of course, Scott dealing with a big decision. A reference to the first issue when Scott was laid out and bloody, was rough but well handled by the creative team. There’s still a chance that some of the things we’ve seen aren’t real, including Funky who did die earlier in the series but has been back somehow. I love the way Funky Flashman is used. It’s never disrespectful toward Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, but King does throw in plenty of meta humor.

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Mitch Gerads did some great work in this issue. There were times I had to go back a few panels just to see how the characters facial expressions were subtly changed. The artwork really pushes the ambiguity of this story. Nothing can be taken at face value, and every panel has something to appreciate.

What makes Mister Miracle such a special series is how emotionally resonant the story and its characters are. It takes you on a roller coaster of feelings and you fear for every drop but also look forward to what comes next. Two more issues left and you hope things are as uncertain as there were in issue #1. This whole time I’ve been sitting back and enjoying the ride, but I really don’t want this to end.

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