MJ Technology Tablet – A Young Man’s Perspective

Jan 30, 2015


The MJ Technology Tablet is interesting and sets itself apart from most tablets in certain ways. Such as┬áthe fact that it can stream TV using an antennae. The main highlight of this tablet is being able to stream TV, and I have to say it works quite well as a receiver – I did have a lot of trouble connecting without using the external antennae so I recommend that you use it to connect. I do not know if that antennae argument is valid as this is all about location and signal so you should be fine.

The GUI: The main GUI is exactly what you would expect from Android Jellybean, smooth and easy to use. It’s different because on this tablet it has no physical home button, back button, and window button, instead you use digital buttons on the screen. other than that there is not much difference but I have to say the GUI is quite awesome because you can have widgets and such just like the Note 4.

The TV: Here is where the real difference is, this tablet has the ability to stream any public TV channel it picks up on with its antennae, this is very useful because you can use it wherever you are whenever you want and no Xfinity/Comcast terrible-ness (I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about). Anyway the devices TV abilities is what really sets this apart from the other tablets and makes it interesting, I would recommend this if you don’t want any of the aforementioned terrible-ness that comes with TV paid service. However this cannot stream anything paid like HBO or anything like that. This device also has internet so you can use Hulu or Netflix if you have those. All in all, a very nice tablet for streaming TV and such, I would recommend it for this type of use.

The Hardware: This tablets hardware is decently made and easy to figure out, on/off button on top next to volume buttons. The screen is the only thing I would really change about this tablet, it’s a bit grainy and needs a bit higher of a resolution but otherwise its decent. The camera is not high res as this isn’t supposed to be a top-notch camera or anything, the cool thing is that they actually put a camera in it as I didn’t expect it to have one because it’s not really a tablets “purpose”.

To sum it all up this tablet is a very interesting and different take on TV streaming devices which are normally made to just be able to stream TV and not anything else, this tablet is made for really anything you want, it can do anything that you would need from a tablet and more. It is made light, small, and easy to figure out. I would say it has a good amount of processing power too, and I’m sure you would like it.