MondoCon 2017’s line-up continues to impress

Jul 28, 2017

One of the best conventions I’ve had the liberty of attending, MondoCon, takes place November 4th and 5th in Austin, TX. MondoCon, which revolves around Art, Movies, Music and Beer, brings artists, collectors and enthusiasts together for a two day event to celebrate some of best artwork to ever grace the internet and our flat files.

Recently, the second round of artists and exhibitors have been announced. The full list can be found at the official MondoCon site.

Some of the exhibitors in attendance include Martin Ansin, who has been one of the most praised artists in the game and recently released an Impressive Spider-Man: Homecoming piece.

For those unfamiliar with Mondo or the art world, I highly advise researching some of these artists.¬†Artists such as Jock, Rory Kurtz, Mike Mitchell, Matt Taylor and Kevin Tong, who are also attending November’s convention, have released some of the most epic artwork of your and my favorite pop-culture film and characters. Honestly I am impressed with every artist attending the event.

They also recently announced that THE Drew Struzan, the genius behind some of your favorite movie posters, will also be attending the con.

Tickets are still on sale but I would act fast. You may have the chance to score some hard to find prints, perfect for your Batcave or Game Room at home.

GWW will in fact be there, so if you are in the area, and are intesterested in a GWW meet-up or to have a beer at the convention, give us a shout out on Twitter @The_GWW or @dannybenavides