Monstress #15 Review

Mar 18, 2018


Monstress #15
Image Comics

 Writer: Marjorie Liu
Artist: Sana Takeda
Letterer: Rus Wooton

 Monstress #15 is really picking up now, as things are looking dire with the shield no longer working that protects the city of Pontus. I really enjoy how Maika is showing how she is not truly at fault for how things went in the last issue. The process was rushed and there was never any real assurance that her involvement would work. Still, with the war coming and many lives now in danger, the last thing they need to do is sit around and argue. Everyone in Pontus is essentially worried about their destruction. Perhaps this is due to a city that has been so long outside of any fights that they simply don’t have what’s necessary to protect them from any invasion outside of the shield that guarded their city.

Kippa is continuing to show more and more growth as she has become aware of the whole situation for the refugees and what she may be able to do to help. I’ve always liked Kippa from the beginning of this story because she was never afraid to just completely run away or abandon her group. She has seen many things and not even survived some of these events. Now that it seems that she is going to go in a different direction and part ways from Maika. I think this can be a good thing for her as she can finally grow into something more than just a travel companion with Maika. Kippa was the one friend Maika has but even she doesn’t treat her all too kindly all the time. Hopefully, if this separation happens, Maika will realize what she may lose but Kippa has a lot to gain for herself going in her own direction. We finally meet who our little cat friend Ren has been working for. This is the first issue where we are finally shown that Ren is going to have to make a choice about who he stands within this world. We’re still unsure about his past and debt that he owes to the one he works for. I just wonder what choice he will actually make because he’s shown that he does care but the next thing he does can cut his ties with Kippa and Maika forever.

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Sana’s art continues to shine in this issue. So many nice decorative details go on in the outfits our characters dawn. I must say that the one that is given to Maika at the end of the issue looks quite fantastic. Her use of colors, shading, and lighting bring each panel to life and you’ll enjoy soaking up everything that’s surrounding our characters. If you are a fan of fantasy, this is one world you’ll enjoy getting lost in.



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