Moon Knight: Why major changes to Steven Grant, Mr. Knight work

Apr 12, 2022

(Warning: Spoilers for Moon Knight #2 ahead.)

As a longtime Moon Knight fan, there’s not more I could ask for from these first two episodes. I don’t think I’m alone in that either. That said, there’s no denying changes have been made to the character.

Some Background

For those who are only just meeting Moon Knight now, Steven Grant is a little different in the comics. Of course, that’s to be expected with characters making the move from literature to television or film. However, Grant’s changes have been rather drastic.

In the MCU, Grant is a down-on-his-luck British man. He works at a museum gift shop. He struggles with the dating scene. It’s unclear what the situation is with his mom exactly, but that also seems to be a point of stress.

In the comics, Grant has the best life of any of Moon Knight’s personalities. Money is not an issue for him, nor is his dating life. And I can’t remember if he ever held another job, but I’ve always known him to be a movie producer.

But this shift has not bothered me for one second.

Why it works

Comics and the movies inspired by them don’t need another male billionaire. Both Marvel and DC have two pretty prolific ones as it is. This also helps quiet down any potential Moon Knight and Batman comparisons.

Furthermore, the change in Grant adds another layer to the character. Marc Spector certainly has his issues in the comics. But none of his personalities — including Jake Lockley, who we have yet to see — have ever been quite the loser like Grant is in this show.

But Marvel didn’t stop there with the alterations.

Who’s the new guy?

Now Mr. Knight and Grant are one in the same. In the comics, Mr. Knight is Spector’s newest personality, entering the fray last decade. Like all of Spector’s other personalities, Mr. Knight is much more collected in the comics than Grant is in the show. Oddly enough, of the “regular people” personalities Spector has, Mr. Knight in the comics is most similar to that version of Grant, too.

As much as I like the Mr. Knight personality, it did feel a bit odd as a separation from Moon Knight within the same mind. Trying to get that across in the show could’ve been a real challenge. By eliminating the personality and changing the costume’s purpose, the story is simplified, fans still get the slick suit and Grant gets a chance to be more than an annoyance for Spector and Khonshu.

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