Morrison & Paquette Confirm they are working on Wonder Woman Earth One Vol. 2

Apr 28, 2016

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WW EarthGrant Morrison has confirmed that he and artist: Yanick Paquette are currently working on a sequel to the recently released Wonder Woman Earth One graphic novel.  Not only that Morrison has also revealed that his polarizing Wonder Woman Earth One story will be a trilogy.

Personally I haven’t read Wonder Woman Earth One, but fellow reviewers and people around the internet seemed to at least be intrigued by the series.  Anyone who has ever read Morrison’s work from Animal Man to his recent run on Batman before Scott Snyder took over the book, knows the writer has a very dynamic and outside the box approach to storytelling.  If anything I would call Morrison’s work brilliant, and you have to look no further than last year’s Multiversity to see that.  While sometime’s Morrison’s work can go over the head of many readers, it is usually because his books are beholden to original DC continuity in some cases referencing stories from the golden age.  While DC junkies love his approach to storytelling it can be uninviting to others.

However I think his Wonder Woman Earth One series is a great opportunity for average comics readers to enjoy Morrison’s work without the fear of being overburden. Why? Because just like all of the DC Earth One book’s, it takes place out of the main continuity.  Thus not really inspiring Morrison to reference over 75 years of Wonder Woman history.

(Source: Publisher’s Weekly)

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