Moths #4 (REVIEW)

Sep 15, 2021

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Moths #4 Main Cover

Moths #4 

Through the first four issues, Moths has given J. Michael Straczynski’s The Resistance Universe it’s emotional center. While The Resistance titles provide more action and a quicker tempo, Moths is more character driven, which allows for a deeper connection between the reader and the story. While action may not be at the forefront of this particular issue, Moths #4 isn’t without it’s tense moments.

AWA/Upshot Studios
Written by: J. Michael Straczynski
Art by: Mike Choi 
Letters by: Sal Cipriano 

Moths #4 is very easily the most emotional story we have yet to read in this series, and I imagine this issue will hit some readers hard. There are some darker themes discussed in this issue that Straczynski is able to write about very delicately, and with great empathy. At times, Moths #4 feels a bit gut-wrenching, but that’s what good writing does — it evokes an emotional response. That’s not always experienced when reading comics, and it’s what makes Moths stand out from its Resistance counterpart.

“Through the first four issues, Moths has given J. Michael Straczynski’s The Resistance Universe it’s emotional center. ”

Once again, Mike Choi’s art provides a beautiful realism that allows for readers to connect even more to the characters. The lifelike illustrations create a feeling, as if you’re really in the moment, talking and reacting with family and friends. Combine that with the highly emotional story, and it’s hard not to feel a little something extra with this issue. 

Overall, Moths continues to be an integral part of Straczynski’s universe. While The Resistance Universe is more of that typical superhero story we crave, Moths gives us an added layer of empathy we didn’t know we needed. Moths #4 does a great job at getting the reader to not just think a little more, but to also feel a little bit more.


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