Music Spotlight: Nerd To The Core With EL-7VEN

Apr 20, 2015

The motto here at Geeks with Wives is always “make this feel like your home”…we have the freedom to write about anything and everything we desire. If it’s something we’re passionate about and love to talk about we can throw it up on the site and share it with all of you in hopes that some of you are just as passionate about it as we are!

Since music is such a huge part of my life and something that I’m always going to be passionate about, I decided to start doing a music spotlight series and showcasing various artist here at Geeks With Wives in hopes to bring their music to a wider audience. You can expect to see a variety of different artist on this spotlight and multiple genres of music covered as well.

So without any more hesitation, let’s get right into the first music spotlight! Let me introduce you to EL-7VEN!!

EL-7VEN was born Micah Ganee Sims II on December 6, 1984. He comes from a long family line of pastors, ministers, & evangelist. In his teen years EL-7VEN fell in love with rap music, which eventually lead to writing songs & producing music with friends & family. Dancing has also been a part of his life, allowing him to choreograph dance routines for local artist & travel across the US. “The arts have always been a part of my life but I have always used it to promote the name of Jesus Christ.” EL-7VEN has released 2 EP’s, Hydro & Flame & I.O.T.A.2. He has also released multiple singles. EL-7VEN is currently working on his 3rd EP and debut album. Like his forefathers before him EL-7VEN plans to spread the gospel to as many souls as he can, continuing the legacy & fulfilling his destiny.


Below is a song by EL-7VEN entitled “Comic Relief” which is about overcoming anger in your life. The song is full of comic and superhero references from beginning to end! It’s an overall great song that just about anyone can enjoy, even if you aren’t a hip hop fan. Even if you’re just a comic fan you can easily enjoy how well EL-7VEN mixed in the references to flow so fluently through the song while still remaining in line with the topic!

If you’re digging what EL-7VEN is bringing to the table, be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out all his other music up on his Bandcamp page!