Jan 8, 2022

My Hero Academia TEAM-UP VOL.2

My Hero Academia delivers with volume 2 of their team-up missions program. What is a team-up program? Well, students from all over the country get invited to team up with the Pros. Now, these possibilities are endless in a world filled with amazing superpowers (quirks). The best part, you won’t necessarily get teamed up with students from your class or even your school.


Story by: Yoko Akiyama
Art by: Yoko Akiyama
Letters by: John Hunt
Original Concept by: Kohei Horikoshi


Volume 2 continues in breaking up the book into short stories namely team-up missions. Most importantly we get an amazing one-shot of Deku and Bakugo before they enrolled in U.A.`s Hero course. The first volume focused a lot on Deku, with the new volume there is a lot more interaction with the other students. Without spoiling, I will give you a quick overview of what to expect from each mission.

Mission 4: Those Who Commune with the Abyss

This mission follows Midoriya, Tokoyami (both from Class A), and Kuroiro (Class B) as they meet the Edge Lord Hero: Odd-Eye. The trio finds themselves sinking into an abyss of sorts. This one has a lot of funny moments.

Mission 5: Hell`s Kitchen

Kaminari, Todoroki (U.A), and Shishikuru with Yoarashi (Shiketsu) mission involve helping the Obstinate Hero: Gantetsu. But the Heroes in training find themselves in a rather peculiar situation, they might have just ended up in the wrong location.

Mission 6: Just Do Your Best, Ojiro.

Ojiro and Hagakure both from U.A and both from class A find themselves traveling to a little island where they will be addressing the students of the Hero School. Although this might seem light-hearted you get a deeper glimpse into what makes Ojiro… well, Ojiro.

Mission 7: Might and Mic`s “Put your hands up” Radio.

All Might and Present Mic host a radio show where they answer questions from listeners. Present Mic`s advice is “Diss `em with a Rap” where All Might tries to be more sincere. Story roles over to Mission 8.

Mission 8: Class A vs Monoma.

Ida and Monoma take center stage. Monoma is still on his quest to prove class B is better than class A. Ida being the self-righteous individual that he is sees a hidden message in Monoma`s presentation. This leads to a series of bizarre events and exchanges between Monoma and the students of Class A.

Mission 9: Use Illusions Responsibly, ‘Kay?

Camie (Shiketsu) Todoroki, Bakugo, and Kirishima(U.A) Camie and crew must get customers back into Retro Land. What is the mission exactly? A stage play. Bakugo actually agrees to the play.

One-Shot Deku and Bakugo Rising.

I enjoyed this story. Bakugo chases down a would-be villain with the ferocity and charm only Bakugo could muster. Deku realizing what the villain’s quirk is chances down Bakugo to assist in any way he can. However, this is a story from Deku and Bakugo before they enrolled at U.A.

The Art.

The art for My Hero Academia Team-Up Missions Volume 2 flows exceptionally well, and the character’s expressions and mannerisms are on point. The panel’s layout is perfect which makes the action sequences flow with ease. The personalities of each character are well captured and presented which assists with the flow of each of the stories.

Final Thought.

It is not hard being a fan of My Hero Academia, and the team-up missions are well suited to the already existing world. This volume has a lot of golden moments and character interaction that will only build on the already amazing story.

SCORE: 8.5