Nailbiter Returns # 8 (REVIEW)

Dec 29, 2020



Nailbiter Returns # 8

Image Comics

Story & Art: Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson
Colors: Adam Guzowski
Letters & Design: John J Hill

Nailbiter # 8 shows the words to “The Crow Anthem” from The Wiz are accurate. Once set into motion, you can’t get out of the “game”. You can fool yourself into thinking you are in control, that you are the gamemaster. This issue, Warren discovers he is merely a player and potentially just a pawn at this point.

As Warren and his daughter stumble upon a relic of his past, I enjoy the look back at how the “game” started. It is mentioned several times that it was supposed to just be FUN. Nailbiter takes this time to reveal things to his child that the papers didn’t mention: the most significant being a woman who rivaled Shannon for his affections and intentions. For her it is more than a game. This is a brilliant glimpse at the subtle way a serial killer is created. I marveled at how with such little dialogue, Penny’s motives were powerfully presented. In her mind the only difference between us all is that some haven’t embraced their vilest impulses.

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The issue closes with a powerful image of the tainted blood in truckers heading out to unleash torment on the citizens of Portland. It appears that Hawke has everyone in “check”. After dispatching with Fake Warren I wonder if this is all just about teaching the world or does she want Nailbiter as her “mate”.

Score: 9.0


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