Nathan Fillion is the MCU’s Wonder Man

Apr 26, 2016

It’s seems the MCU has found some of it’s most epic geek casting in the form of one of the more niche, but beloved characters in the Marvel catalog.  According to sources on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set, geek god: Nathan Fillion is set to be Marvel Studio’s Scott Williams AKA Wonder Man. Apparently there is a scene in the film that takes place at film festival paying homage to Scott Williams, and his various roles throughout the years.  How much of a major part that Wonder Man will play in the actual film or the MCU as a whole is something we can only wonder at this point, but comics readers can only hope it is a significant role for Fillion to expose one of the more cult classic Avengers to mainstream audiences.nathan-fillion-reveals-spoilers-with-cameos-as-wonder-man-in-guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2_1

The connection to Wonder Man at this time in the MCU does make sense based upon his comic book origin.  Simon Williams was a unmotivated and unqualified heir to his father’s weapon’s manufacturing company that failed to ever compete with Stark Industries.  In order to regain his losses Williams turned to embezzlement and was arrested.  Once in prison he was freed by Baron Zemo in exchange to volunteer to be the test subject of his ionic ray.  Zemo’s ionic ray had some sort of Unique interaction to Williams turning him into an individual with superhuman strength on the level of the Sentry, also giving him ability to fly, as well as to shoot ion beams from his eyes very similar to the X-men Cyclops but with more control.  Realizing that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and taking advantage of by Zemo, Williams is recruited into the Avengers.

Over the year’s Wonder Man was part of some of the more memorable Avengers team’s in theSimon Williams companies publishing history, most recently during the heroic age of 2010.  Often during his time at Avengers mansion Wonder Man would become bored so he decided to use his powers for personal gain and audition for action roles, leading to a promising film career as action star that due to his abilities could do his own stunts. Hence the fictitious roles we see Fillion’s version of the character playing within Guardians 2.

Considering that Baron Zemo is set to make his debut in Captain America: Civil War out May 6th there could not be a better time to bring Wonder Man into the fold, if they are even remotely considering an origin involving the villain as in the comics.  The casting of Fillion as Wonder Man is another brilliant choice by Marvel Studio’s, Wonder Man has a very unique personality one that sometimes makes the audience question the motives behind his actions.  Asking is: Scott Williams in this for the rush and the fame or the use his powers to help others?  This conflict within Wonder Man can sometimes lead to him coming off as a selfish smart ass character, but not one that lacks any sense of compassion.  This type of role is perfect for Fillion who has a blend of semi comedic chops to go along with his ability to approach dramatic roles with emotion.

Wonder Man created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and  Don Heck


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