NBA Top Shot: collectables for the digital generation

Sep 29, 2021

NBA Top Shot: collectables for the digital generation

People have always had a passion for collecting things of interest to them, and that desire to hoard goes back through the generations, from milk bottle tops to model railways, playing cards to stamps. There are no rules on what you can collect and how many of your chosen items you can store. If it is of interest to you, bag it. 

The world of sports has always been popular with collectors. It gives them an opportunity to feel closer to their favourite clubs and players. Some increase their interest by placing bets on the big match at sportsbooks. Some do stadium tours, others collect. 

In many cases, the biggest names and teams from that sport get involved, noticing the potential to create an extra income by producing limited additional collectables for fans. This could be anything from a shirt worn in a cup final to a watch produced for the champions.

Collectables are changing, and like almost every other walk of life, technology is playing a huge part in the change. For evidence of this, we need only look at the latest craze to hit the collectables market – NBA Top Shot. 

In this article, we explain the basics of NBA Top Shot collectables, how you can get involved and start collecting today and the ways in which savvy collectors use it as a way to invest their cash and target a profit.

What is NBA Top Shots?

What is NBA Top Shots, and how is it different from other sports collectables? We’ll start by saying that it is very different to other sports collectables as it’s completely digital. The idea is based on collecting basketball playing cards, something that has been big business with fans young and old for decades. Thanks to NBA Top Shots, it now has a 21st-century angle, appealing to the internet age.

Collecting is all done online, and when getting started at NBA Top Shots, there’s nothing physical about it. You won’t hold a card in your hand or trade in person, but that hasn’t put collectors off. If anything, it has encouraged them as they can collect, showcase their Top Shots, buy and sell all from the comfort of their own home using a desktop computer or app downloaded to a smartphone/

It’s much more modern than a playing card and much more exciting than a digital playing card. NBA Top Shots gives you the chance to own a little piece of professional basketball history. What you are collecting here is short video clips of famous moments from the NBA, such as a rookie’s debut or a memorable slam dunk. 

When you purchase a highlight, it becomes yours, and you can showcase it securely on your page. No one is able to use this video football without your permission. You are the official owner of that moment in time. Look for your favourite players or moments that are special to you, such as a big score at a game you attended.

You can purchase packs when they drop or trade on the peer to peer marketplace, buying and selling highlights. Costs of individual moments or packs range from a few dollars to over $100,000 for the most sought-after Top Shots. In most cases, NBA Top Shots are sold in packs, and you can target a pack that appeals to your price range. There’s no need to spend big to get the best packs and highlights. Purchase a pack, and you never know what is going to show up. You could get the moment you were after, or you could find a bonus in your pack, landing a special highlight that could be worth big bucks on the marketplace.

An investment opportunity

A growing number of NBA Hot Shot collectors see this as an investment opportunity. They buy the most popular cards and hang on to them, knowing the value will grow and they can sell on for a profit in future. 

Others are happy to play the waiting game and utilise their knowledge of the NBA. These collectors go for rising stars, highlights they expect to become more popular over the years, such as the debut of a future king of the court. You can visit the NBA Top Shot site today and find out when the next pack drop will take place to get started.


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