Nerdy By Nature: Beers and Bands! Wintery Craft Beer and Funky Bands.

Nerdy By Nature: Beers and Bands! Wintery Craft Beer and Funky Bands.

This is it! Six months of podcasting and we are ending 2016 with a bang. It’s been so much fun so far and we’re really just getting started. Almost 800 followers on Twitter already. We only have you to thank for letting us into your weekly routine. Continue to join the conversation between episodes. We love hearing from you!


We invited Tasha, from Drop the Needle, to sip some winter-y suds and have a listen to a few funky bands that we simply adore. Bonus points awarded to both groups for creativity, upbeat-ness, spunk, and passion for their musical craft.

First, check out our fav song from The Droids. A couple that locked eyes one night while running into each other between gigging in town. This group is still making music because they, well, love to. Check out Sarah and Josh get Supernova on the synth.

Need more? Stream music from The Droids on Spotify or purchase their tracks and / or album on bandcamp.


The Peptides are bold, vibrant, and have an upbeat vibe that blends a whole bunch of styles into one 9-person band – and it works! Is it hot in here, or is it just me?


Support these crazy Canadians by downloading their latest EP. Want to sing along? No problem. While you’re checking out their melodies, hit the download lyrics button too. You can also wrap all of the Peptides around you by gifting a t-shirt to yourself. Grab some cozy merch here. How thoughtful of — yourself. 😉


We get into a little bit more about both groups in this Beers and Bands episode. Enjoy!

Elijah Drown

Elijah lives in Canada and spends his spare time hosting the Nerdy By Nature Podcast, grabbing new friends to join GWW, playing board games, cycling, or playing a Barb in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Sitting down is not his forte as keeping busy started with three kids (2 boys and a girl). He grew up along side the PC and spent countless hours playing multiplayer Quake with a 9600 baud modem (despite the lag). These days, Steam is his favourite place to play online, along with Forza Horizon on XBOX Live (when his oldest son lets him play).

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