Necroholic #1  (Review)

Jun 17, 2022

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What happens when you combine a necromancer and an alcoholic well you get a Necroholic of course. What follows are some rather unique problems that one can only contribute to a person with the nack for raising the dead. Yes, we have the undead in this book, and instead of letting them run chills down your spine, they serve more as an added headache upon the headache that our poor main protagonist Olivia already has.

Sinopa Publishing LLC


Written by: Brian Lee
Art by: Brian Lee
Editing by: Sam Quinton & James Lee

A Graveyard, Olivia, and a Headache

Olivia has a problem, she can raise the dead but that’s not all she has a drinking problem as well. after a night of heavy drinking our depressed yet funny main protagonist finds herself in a graveyard. Where she has accidentally raised the dead. What follows is Olivia’s interaction with the unfortunate dead or should I say undead. Gathering them up and putting them back in the ground. The story hints at a larger organization of gifted individuals with a pecking order so to speak. As we see that Olivia is in trouble and that this is not the first time. So the headache of a hangover, to the headache of putting the dead back to sleep to landing in hot water with the higher-ups. It seems that a headache is the least of her troubles.

Art and Style of Necroholic

The artwork for this truly compliments the story. Brian Lee does exceptional work in capturing the mood of the characters and expressing it flawlessly. The coloring sets the stage for doom and gloom and in my opinion, perfectly captures Olivia’s mood. It has a cartoon feel to it which makes it inviting and a pleasure for the eyes.

Final Thoughts.

Necroholic is indy at its best. The story feels new and fresh. What I loved about this is that it manages to intrigue without the need to overcomplicate the story. Necroholic is one of the best indy comics that I have ever read and to say that I enjoyed it is the understatement of the century. This is a gem amongst gems.

Score: 9.5

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