Necrosphere – PC Game Review

Apr 3, 2018

Developed & Published by: Cat Nigiri

Disclaimer: I am not a gamer. I’m a game… appreciater? I like games, but I can’t play them well.

Two buttons. Just two buttons to control your character, Terry? For a gaming noobie like myself, that’s a dream come true! Just use either A and D, or the Left and Right arrow keys, and you’re good to go.

Wait. I… can’t jump. I can’t freaking jump! How am I supposed to get onto ledges?! How am I supposed to get over fire and spike pits?! How can I dodge those fireballs?! The funky music and 8-bit design isn’t enough to distract me from this!

Oh! Wait, wait, wait, never mind folks, false alarm, there are power-ups to collect.

False alarm everyone!

These power-ups don’t make the game any easier, mind you, but it does help, like the leotard that helps you cross those pits, or the jet-pack that helps you get over the ledges and rise to other levels! With these helping you out, you still need some skill and quick reflexes in order to pass some obstacles. I should know… I keep dying.

HOWEVER! You have unlimited lives. If you die, you start right back where you died from/ the last checkpoint. Normally the checkpoint is never too far from where you died, so you don’t have to go through an entire level again and again and again. Trust me, I was holding back roars of annoyance, but the fact you’re never too far from the checkpoint eased the annoyance a bit.

There are 13 locked achievements when playing this game on Steam – I’m proud to say I’ve unlocked a whopping three of them (I deserve a coffee for that). There are also other levels that you can unlock like “Terry’s Dream,” which leaves you naked and without the power-ups, you may have unlocked in the main game. Also if you love the music – which is an amazing 8-bit score mind you – the soundtrack is also available through Steam on the game’s main page.