Neill Blomkamp Shooting ‘Alien 5’ Starring Sigourney Weaver This Fall In Vancouver?

May 31, 2015


YVRShoots, is a production blog that focuses on television and film projects that are shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A new post from them states that Neill Blomkamp and 20th Century Fox are looking to start shooting Alien 5 sometime this fall in Vancouver. Blomkamp currently lives and works from the city, so having the film shoot there could be a convenience for the filmmaker. The city is becoming a hot-spot for big Hollywood productions. Some of these recent films include Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, Godzilla, Deadpool, Man of Steel, and Blomkamp’s own Elysium.

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Neill and franchise lead Sigourney Weaver cooked-up the idea for a fifth film during their shoot for Chappie, and talked about how to give the Ripley saga a finale. When the director posted some concept art on his Instagram account, it catch the attention of the studio who quickly put a deal together to have Neill direct and Weaver return as the iconic heroine Ellen Ripley. Details are scarce concerning the plot, but the concept gave the impression that Weyland-Yutani eventually got ahold of engineer ship and xenomorph eggs. Although, Neill has clarified that he doesn’t want to retconn Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection, meaning that the film could end-up seeing some characters from the last film return. He hopes to make a film that feels like a genetic offspring of the first two movies.

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If true, it could mean that Alien 5 and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2 would be shooting at the same time. There’s been talk that Prometheus 2 will indeed start production in the fall as well, we know that Blomkamp had to make some adjustments to his story due to Prometheus 2, and Ridley Scott will be producing both films. There is an expectation that the Prometheus sequel could return to the stages at Pinewoods Studios UK.

We still haven’t heard a peep if Blomkamp has even been assigned to write the film, so while it’s possible he’s already come-up with an outline/story when signing-on with Fox. My own assumption is that he will indeed be writing the script.


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