Neill Blomkamp Teasing He’s Directing ‘Flight of The Navigator’ Remake Next?

Nov 22, 2017

In September, it was reported by Variety that Disney’s Flight of The Navigator remake would be moving to Lionsgate with The Henson Company partnering with the studio. Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson was hired to write the newest draft.

Now, Neill Blomkamp has posted an image from the film after a previous tweet suggesting he’d announce the first feature film coming from his production company Oats Studios, located in Vancouver.

The film has a boy picked up by a spaceship having a brief encounter with the ship’s artificial intelligence and aliens only to be returned years later (only minutes/hours on the ship for him) after his family thought he died or ran away. He and the ship is then taken to a military base for tests.

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Could this cryptic tweet mean Neill is making this next or just something homaging it?


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