Nerdy By Nature: Game Night! Squealing, Drifting, Thrashing, and Racing.

Nerdy By Nature: Game Night! Squealing, Drifting, Thrashing, and Racing.


Game Night with Nerdy By Nature.

On this episode, we look back to the amazing Racing games we grew up with and still play today.
One of the first racing games that made a huge impact on the video game industry. Shifter, steering wheel, and a pedal.

Chris would pump quarters in this machine all day long. Yes! Quarters.

Pole Position was also available for the Atari 2600 at home.






Mario Kart is a simple game on the surface, but a lot of racing strategy could be found underneath the layers of Mario characters, weapons, carts, and turbo boosts.

This racing game is fun for families and friends to battle or race together.




The Need for Speed franchise was well done for many, many years. A lot of variety in different games, with enough of a challenge to push your vehicle to the next level kept Elijah wanting to push on to the next race.  The option to move between arcade to simulation mode was your choice (depending on how confident you felt behind the wheel).


Twisted Metal was one of Nathan’s favourites as he felt that he could offset his lack of racing skill with sheer mayhem, mischief, and chaos.  Gory weapons, with a dark undertone helped Nathan feel like a bad ass with only a keyboard and mouse.

Pro tip: Stay away from this game if you have a fear of crazy clowns.



What is your favorite racing game, or did you even like this gaming genre in the first place? Leave a comment below, or hit us up on twitter to share your thoughts with us!

Elijah Drown

Elijah lives in Canada and spends his spare time hosting the Nerdy By Nature Podcast, grabbing new friends to join GWW, playing board games, cycling, or playing a Barb in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Sitting down is not his forte as keeping busy started with three kids (2 boys and a girl). He grew up along side the PC and spent countless hours playing multiplayer Quake with a 9600 baud modem (despite the lag). These days, Steam is his favourite place to play online, along with Forza Horizon on XBOX Live (when his oldest son lets him play).

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