Nerdy By Nature: Science! Flying Cars, Space Elevators, and Ultra-fast Tubes

Nerdy By Nature: Science! Flying Cars, Space Elevators, and Ultra-fast Tubes


If you said we’d use magnets to propel ourselves to another city twenty years ago, people would most likely throw a straight jacket on you, toss you in a rubber room, and throw away the key.


Now — what seems to be crazy is now possible.


When the Jetsons travelled through space effortlessly, this was science fiction. The family would go to the grocery store in a flying car without thinking twice. But, we all thought that this will never happen in our life time. Now, Uber hires a NASA Engineer to develop flying cars.



Space elevators. Wait – what? A Japanese company reveals plans in 2012 to build an elevator 36,000 miles in the sky, and the build time is only supposed to take fourty years (about 2050). First, the project will need to get off the ground first (pun intended). Imagine this: elevator into space with 30 people travelling at 124 miles per hour. International Business Times TV has a neat video overview here.


Using quantum rules to link two particles together is referred to quantum entanglement. This allows one person to be holding one end of the particle “here” while the other person holds the other part of the particle “there” (thanks to an unknown quantum state). The first step to understand science on a quantum level is to build a quantum machine (computer) so that we can begin to put these theories into practice.





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