Nerdy By Nature: Science! The Sun is Slowing Down?

Jan 4, 2017

The sun is slowing down.

Astronomers from Hawaii, Brazil and Stanford University collectively discovered what is helping slow down the outer layers of the sun. A few decades ago, this phenomenon, photon braking effect, was found by using one of NASA’s solar observatories.

A NASA Satellite Photo Credit: NASA


Wild! In our discussion, we try our best to skip raw data; however, we enjoy trying to answer questions and speculate outcomes:

  • What will this mean for our planet?
  • Will the length of our calendar year increase?
  • How can we predict if space matter and other objects will be more likely to crash into Earth?
  • When will the sun stop spinning?

There are is so much to be taken for granted in our Universe and we have a great time exploring all that surrounds us. In this episode, we are joined by a new friend, Jamie, who loves to get his mind wrapped up in Physics and Engineering. He loves giving back to his community and is always willing to tackle all things nerdy. Feel free to give him a follow on Twitter  too!

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