Nerdy By Nature: Science! What’s So Good About Black Mirror?

Feb 2, 2017

The Artist captured the whole Nation as he forced leaders to perform inappropriate acts with a pig only to set the Monarch free. How would you feel? Would you let your family watch this — let alone let yourself come to viewing this on live television? Making a point is one thing. But, for art? To top it all off, the Monarch was released 30 minutes before the indecent act went on. Poor Bloke.


Did you want to call your Mom to make yourself feel comfortable? During this Fifteen Million Merits (Hot Shots) episode, Bing worked hard to gift his Merits to his new lady friend, Abi, so she could have a shot at fame.  The episode turned dark rather quickly, when Bing slipped into a bit of depression and couldn’t skip Wraith Babes as he was low on Merit. Later, Bing feels compelled to make a point by earning his own chance to walk up on stage to make a bold point. But, it backfires (in a good way). It’s better than the bike, right? 😉


Season 3 gets really dark. Three British and Three American episodes to take a rating system, virtual reality, and more technology to new questionable heights. Like Cory, you’ll want to have a shower after each episode.



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