Nerdy By Nature: Tech Toys! Making a List. Checking it Twice.

Dec 16, 2016

There are so many “lists” floating around the interwebs suggesting what the hot toys are. While some tech toys are a great idea, others are slightly insane.

We took to a high level of scrutiny to ensure that we weren’t simply channeling our inner boy-child gawking and drooling and every fancy, shiny, flashy, talk-to-me toy out there.

Some of the products that we analyzed:

  • NES Retro (if you sold your body for one)
  • Roomba (A vacuum for Christmas? Is that really a good idea?)
  • Remote controlled air vehicles (with a camera – creepy?)
  • Amazon Echo or Fire

Listen to this episode to hear our thoughts how practical we think these gifts really are.

Did we miss any of your desired items, or do you disagree with our analytical accuracy? Leave your thought(s) in the comments down below!

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