Netflix Makes a Decision on the Future of Black Mirror

Mar 6, 2018

Netflix announced the fate of the highly popular science fiction anthology series Black Mirror.

According to Variety, Netflix has renewed the Charlie Brooker series for another season on the streaming service.


Black Mirror explores the dangers of new technology its impact on the people using it. From social media to dating apps and gaming, Black Mirror has held up a mirror on society and how we can both use technology to our advantage and abuse it to our disadvantage.


The series has garnered huge ratings for the streaming service as well as critical acclaim, including two Emmy Awards for the third season episode “San Junipero”. In the fourth season, the series covered subjects like helicopter parenting (Arkangel), and trying to escape ones past (Crocodile) along with episodes dealing with control (USS Callister) and revenge (Black Museum). Black Mirror attracted some all-star talent for its fourth season including Jesse Plemons, Letitia Wright, Jimmi Simpson, Rosemarie DeWitt and Christin Milioti.

While the series has been renewed for a 5th season, no word on episode count and premiere date is available.