New Mutants New Release Date Revealed

May 13, 2020

The official New Mutants social media accounts have just announced the new release date of the film. This comes after a long radio silence following the April 3 release delay. The New Mutants Instagram and Twitter simultaneously released an image of the poster with new release date captioned ’we’re back’ and updated their account descriptions to ’those #NewMutants. coming to theaters august 28.’

The New Mutants comic series follows the story of a group of teen mutants training at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, the series was first published in 1982 by Marvel Comics. It filled the gap of the Uncanny X-Men series – after the original X-Men team became adults a new group needed to take their place.

Though most of the finer details of the movie have been kept under wraps, from the promotional images released by Cinefex earlier this month we know the Demon Bear makes an appearance. The Demon Bear Saga is one of the more well-known stories from the New Mutants series. Hailing from the New Mutants’ first comics run, it features a bear that appears in Danielle Moonstar’s dreams, taunting her with premonitions. The story also includes characters Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball, Illyana Rasputin aka Majik, Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane, Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot, and Amara Aquilla aka Magma. All except Amara are set to appear in the film.

Source: Cinefex via Twitter user @NewMutantsUp

The film was first conceptualised in 2014, with trailers being released in 2017. Since then it has been delayed for a variety of reasons, until this year it was finally announced for an April 3rd release. Unfortunately this release was cancelled at the last minute along with several other films due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is seemingly the last X-Men movie to be made under Twentieth Century Fox; after the company was bought by Disney in 2019 the rights to the characters transferred back to Marvel, and there has been rumours about their inclusion in the MCU.

New Mutants caused a stir earlier this month when it briefly appeared as available for pre-order on Amazon, though it was updated to be unavailable hours later. The film was mistakenly listed for a date relative to if it had been released in April.

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