New Pics from X-Men: Dark Phoenix Emerge

Dec 29, 2017

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is slated to be released at the end of the year in 2018 and Fox is releasing some new images from the film.

The new images, featured in Empire Magazine, show not only some dark times ahead for the mutants, but also hint at the longtime comic book romance between two of the main characters.


The first image shows Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) in an intense confrontation with Jessica Chastain’s mystery villain. Chastain has refuted previous rumors that she would be playing Shi’ar leader Lilandra, so no one knows who her true identity or whether she is playing a character from the comics or not.


The next image shows Magneto (Michael Fassbender) being captured by authorities. It doesn’t look like he goes quietly, but the forces that take him seem to have been trained on how to take him down.


The last image shows what could be the beginning of the romantic relationship between Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan). While we got the first sense of their bond in X-Men Apocalypse, the new film looks like it’s going to delve deeper into their connection. A connection that might prove tragic to one or both of them as Jean’s powers emerge.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is scheduled to be released November 2, 2018.