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Feb 2, 2014



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Geeks With Wives – February Newsletter

The Incredible Hulk Animated Series (1996-1997) Impressions

By Chris Pirri

I was at home with the flu and thought to myself, “well, I will be off for the next couple of days. Why not look for an animated series that I have not seen before?” I thought I would give The Incredible Hulk animated series a try. The first season is all about Bruce Banner voiced by Neil McDonough trying to find a cure to get rid of his alternate persona The Hulk voiced by Lou Ferrigno. To me there is no other Hulk than Lou. Yes, Fred Tatasciore is good but he is no Lou! With that being said, the real reason I decided to give this a try was seeing that Mark Hamill was doing the voice-over for the Gargoyle.

He does a magnificent job once again. Just like he stole the show in Batman:The Animated Series, he leads this show as well. The funny thing is that he is not even a main character but is featured a lot as the Leaders sidekick. One person I thought I would hate but ended up loving was Rick Jones voiced by Luke Perry. Yes, that Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210. His voice was perfect for Rick. You might say “no way!”, but he does a great job. The story line was good was it great no. It kept me entertained and that’s all I ask for. You get all the regulars you would expect in a Hulk show: Abomination, Betty Ross, The Leader, and Major Talbot. Also some good cameos from Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Doc Samson, and The Ghost Rider…

Podcast Recap for December

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Cosplayer of the Month (January)

Alexandria Red

What was your first costume that you remember cosplaying and what made you choose that?

My first costume that I consider a cosplay was Bellatrix Lestrange for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere at my local theatre. I attended the previous film premiere in a “closet cosplay” version. After meeting several cosplayers at the Part 1 premiere, I decided to make my Bellatrix cosplay from scratch for Part 2. It was a huge hit and it helped me decide that I liked cosplaying as a creative outlet and I wanted to do more with it…

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