#NewMusicFriday 8-17-18

Aug 20, 2018

It’s “Slime” season. What’s that mean?  New Album by Young Thug of course.  Titled Slime Language dropped today as he continues the same naming convention with the use of Slime, meaning friend or “homie”.  My first impression of the album is kind of “meh” as it kind of sounds generic with the modern trap drums and heavy bass drops along with his typical mumble rap.  I’m knocking it but I felt that he has done this before and it seems kind of repetitive at this point.  Some can say the same about Drake but his albums also contain a lot of depth and production which gets overlooked by his poppy radio hits.  That’s a story for a different post however. I do think that Slime Language is worth a listen and has some good replay value.

Another big name album drop is Ariana Grande. This angel has always had a big beautiful voice and this album is no different.  The production value is grand and the vocals are on point.  Sweetener has a good blend of jams and ballads, this is one album you won’t want to sleep on.

A surprise mixtape,  ONEPOINTFIVE, was dropped from the 2016 Freshman class breakout Aminé.  Listened to it earlier in the week and loved it. From top to bottom it had a great vibe and kick to it. Wasn’t too poppy and threw in some bangers from time to time. Worth a listen if you like the mixtape sound.

Some other notable singles dropped from Marshmello,  a little too poppy for my liking.  This artist definitely seems to be gearing towards the mainstream radio electronic sound.  Same for Calvin Harris as been the case for some time now.  Calvin also dropped a new single with big vocalist Sam Smith.  One of my faves Tory Lanez collaborations is with my other favorite in the R&B game, Bryson Tiller to release a beautiful ballad ‘Keep in Touch’.  Love the smoothness from these two.  This is Tillers second feature this month.  Does this mean new album soon?

New single from Disturbed didn’t disappoint, titled ‘Are you Ready’. I’m glad they continue to shred the same sound year in and year out. In my small opinion these guys are falling into the Metallica tier or Rock legends if they haven’t already.  Both will be at ACL this year and you bet believe I’m seeing both.

I’d like to the time out of this post to shout out to one of the most iconic soul voices of all time, Miss Aretha Franklin. Your legacy will never die.

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