Newsletter #3

Mar 2, 2014



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Geeks With Wives – March Newsletter


A note from Joe

During the month of February, we gave away more than 30 Hero Packs to our community. In my mind, this has been the most successful month at Geeks With Wives because we were able to interact with our community like never before while working closely with an outstanding game developer (Gazillion Games). Marvel Heroes is an MMO ARPG that initially released last summer. They have a massive roster of Marvel characters that you can control in a Diablo-like style. This game was created by David Brevik – the creator of Diablo. I’ve personally played more than 200 hours of Marvel Heroes and have a fun roster of heroes, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America. You can listen here to our interview with David just a few weeks after the game’s release. Stay tuned for more giveaways for Marvel Heroes as well as a special set of game keys for a different game…

Something else that flew under the radar this month is the addition of two new contributors: Jeremie Gregory and Jeff Gordon. These gentlemen were community members before making the decision to write with us. You can find their work at or on our podcast.

Podcast Recap for December

Video Games:

Comics & Cosplay:

Cosplayer of the Month (February)

Mazzie May

How old are you and how long have you been cosplaying?

I’m twenty-five! The grand quarter of a century. I’ll have been cosplaying for fours years, come March 28th.

I notice that “Rogue” seems to be a character you cosplay a lot. Why is that?

Rogue’s my girl! Not only is she my favourite X-man, but she’s my favourite character of all time, across any medium. It’s cool to me to have this character with a really distinct look that isn’t bone structure or some crazy skin pigment. I dye my hair to be as close to authentic as I can get and give her look some respect. That’s also why I take her everywhere: have to get my money’s worth!

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