Nicki Minaj & Travis Scott Beef

Aug 21, 2018

There’s some more drama in the Hip Hop community but that’s what makes this genre special. The beef usually fuels better quality in music and lyrics.  This past week the Queen of Hip Hop herself, Nicki Minaj, went on a Twitter rant blasting Travis Scott’s name and even throwing shade at Kyle Jenner.

The Billboard charts have Travis Scott’s latest album Astroworld at No. 1 for the second week in a row and rightfully so if you check about last post about the album. Even after Nicki released her latest album Queen, Astroworld still remained atop the charts. Queen Nicki did not take the news very well to say the least.

Nicki responded with this Twitter rant saying that Travis Scott sold “Season Pass Bundles” to account for his album sales.  According to Billboard Travis Scott sold 205,00 equivalent album units and a little over 78,000 were traditional album sales. Nicki came in at only 185,000 equivalent album units.  This clearly set her off as she mentions Kylie selling tour passes to help boost his sales as well.  She even goes on to call out my favorite music streaming platform Spotify about the Drake campaign.  Which is true, if you don’t remember, Spotify had his face on, literally every playlist cover to market Scorpion. This was big for a lot of people as it was big subliminal marketing even if you have premium. Not sure how Drake had that happen but it happened.  A lot of users even asked for a refund on that months memberships.   Nicki later went on to say she was joking and having fun but she was serious.

She added the FEFE to her album, building off the 6ix9ine clout and fame to possibly boost her sales as well.

Today on her Queen Radio show with Beats 1 Radio she labeled Travis Scott a “hoe n**** of the week” as promised on her VMA speech after winning the award for Best Hip-Hop video over Drake, the Carters, and Cardi B.

A quote from the show “Travis Scott wins Hoe N**** of the Week, by a landslide. He out here selling f*** clothes got y’all thinking he selling f*** music,”. She went on to say she is “the greatest female rapper of all time.” which in my opinion could be true. She continued on her rant with even more about Mr. Scott but the language continued to be a little too vulgar. If you’d like to hear the full rant, click here. The Queen is also being criticized for comparing herself to the great Harriet Tubman with regards to the streaming services mistreating the artist like slaves.

I believe she has a point but the internet has it’s ways of taking things too serious. Regardless of her huge meltdown being over the top, there is no question that she has been trending number 1 over the last few days and her album numbers are not climbing along with Radio listens, streams, Spotify subscriptions etc. That could have been the plan the whole time thus being a better marketing campaign then the Drake one but if this prompts Travis to respond then we have ourselves a good old fashioned Hip Hop war.