Nightwing #74 (REVIEW)

Sep 8, 2020


Nightwing #74
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Ryan Benjamin
Inks by: Richard Friend
Colors by: Rain Beredo
Letters by: AndWorld Design

The Nightwing title experienced a significant shift in moment recently, but there’s a little extra to Nightwing #74. The diehard Nightwing fans will very much appreciate what Dan Jurgens did in this issue.

On top of pleasing loyal fans, Nightwing #74 is jammed with a ton of action. Lots of Red Hood v. Nightwing — even more than in Red Hood: Outlaw #48.

Nightwing #74 had a lot more answers than questions. Normally, I want a healthy mix, but I think the answers Jurgens provides are so important, most questions he could have posed wouldn’t have hit home as much as they might under normal circumstances.

Ryan Benjamin has been the artist for the last two issues, and it appears this is the end of (or at least a pause on) his run with Nightwing. Given what takes place over Nightwing #73 and #74, it makes sense. Still, it’d be nice to see him stick around. (More on why in spoilers.)

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Last non-spoiler item: Alan Quah’s variant cover is outstanding. His Joker is good, nothing crazy, but Punchline and Nightwing are the ones who really catch your attention.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Nightwing #74 ahead.)

Before getting to anything else: so glad to finally have Dick Grayson back. Took long enough.

With his return, we also seemingly get the departure of Benjamin as the title’s artist. Bringing him in temporarily makes sense for the transition, but I would love to see him stick around.

One thing Benjamin did that stood out to me big time: he made Dickyboy and Dick look like different people. Of course, he spoke differently, but juxtaposing the deranged facial expressions of Dickboy against Dick’s calm, collected presence was such a small but important part of the transition back to normalcy. Really helps the reader separate Dickboy, and even Ric, from Dick.

Unfortunately, with all these changes going on, Be a thinks she’s the odd man out. Hopefully, Dick doesn’t take forever to sort this shit out, like his old self probably would.

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Score: 8

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