Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #2

Dec 8, 2021

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Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog #2

You know things are going to be pretty gruesome if Jason Shawn Alexander is involved on a project. That’s been the case with Killadelphia from the jump, but especially of late. However, things are even more vicious in Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog. The only reason that’s surprising is because as much as Alexander co-created this series with Rodney Barnes, he isn’t the lead artist. After starting things with Alexander on layouts and Patric Reynolds on the lead, Well-Bee took over this issue. And the change in artist doesn’t negatively impact this series in the slightest. In fact, I think this one improves on the impressive series-opening issue.

Image Comics
Written by: Rodney Barnes
Art by: Well-Bee
Colors by: Luis NCT and Mar Silvestre Galotto
Letters by: Marshall Dillon

Of course, I talk about the art first because that’s what will stick with readers first. There’s no holding back with Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog. With this issue, specifically, the second page is a lot, but the last two pages take the cake.

That said, like with Killadelphia, Barnes’ writing is what leaves readers wanting — better yet, needing — more. With this issue, readers get a better look at the villain Nita and her new partner are investigating. And if there’s one thing Barnes excels at, it’s helping readers spend a few moments in every character’s shoes — blurring the lines between good and evil. Because, as much as this arc’s villain has gone a few steps too far, we’re seeing there are layers to his side of this mess. Perhaps this is more the result of a failed resolution, which has led to loss of control and a trail of bodies behind him.

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