Nocterra #2 (REVIEW)

Apr 5, 2021

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Nocterra #2
Image Comics

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Tony S. Daniel
Colors by: Tomeu Morey
Letters by: AndWorld Design

Tell you what, Sundog does not mess around. It’s made clear in Nocterra #2 that you best not cross her. Which begs the question, how far will Scott Snyder push her?

Of course, we all expect her to go through a lot, and she’s going to do everything she can to help her brother. But, as much as we know she helps a lot of people with her job, we don’t know for sure if Val Riggs is a hero or an anti-hero.

It really seems like she could go either way after reading Nocterra #2. Sundog is focused on accomplishing one thing. We know what she’ll do to shades, but what will she do to people who get in her way?

To go along with the development of Sundog, Snyder has now teased a few paths he can lead readers down. As much as there are questions with each road readers could take, the biggest question is, which will we go down first.

Clearly, Snyder has delivered in the first two issues of Nocterra. The same can be said for the art team.

Tony S. Daniel and Tomeu Morey’s dark, twisted world grew a bit more with the brief introduction of Blacktop Bill’s gang. There’s a lot to unpack there for Snyder, too, but that group’s odd look shows there’s still so much else about this world we don’t know about. And as much as I’m in love with Sundog and Emory’s look — seriously, we need a Sundog action figure after the first arc — I can’t wait to see some of the ridiculous stuff Daniel and Morey put together.

Score: 9