Not All Americans Are Cowboys in “Sheriff of Babylon” #3 (Review)

SHRFBAB-Cv3-36bacSheriff of Babylon #3
Vertigo Comics

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mitch Gerads

Last issue ended with Christopher and Nassir discovering the murdered family of Ali Al Fahar. A shocked Christopher and unfazed Nassir are left without a trail to follow and lots of questions. I’m not sure where to begin so I think I’ll start with Christopher who has decided to question all of his men that might have known Ali Al Fahar. Each man is questioned and each man gives him nothing. Frustrated he spends the rest of his night drinking and comes home to a very friendly Sofia. Nassir was taken by a man and now appears to be in a life threatening position. After leaving Christopher it appears Sofia is in worse shape than Nassir. That was a vague description of events because this issue is filled with events that I’d really rather not spoil.SHRFBAB-3-1-4eda2

I’d like to start this next section by saying Tom King you’re just phenomenal. Every series of yours that I read is incredible from Grayson to The Omega Men and Sheriff of Babylon is no exception. King has a way of conveying a characters perspective that gives them a genuine personality. This issue especially was filled with shocking moments and big surprises that I wasn’t expecting but fit perfectly in the story.

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The art as usual is gorgeous and I think Mitch Gerads is perfect for this series. His use of movement is some of the best I’ve ever seen and really adds to a character. For example the way Nassir smokes and constantly uses his hands while talking is subtle enough to miss but adds depth to the character. His color choices are spot on adding grittiness when necessary to enhance the overall feel of the story. The man draws a smile or a car crash in such a way that it feels real. I can go on forever giving the Gerads praise but his work should speak for itself.

To close I’d like to say that normally I can’t write reviews after the first few issues of a story. I get a strange writers block and feel like I’ve said all I need to but with the Sheriff of Babylon I could write about it all day. I love this series everything about it is incredible and I can’t recommend it enough. Each issue is better than the last and each time I read them I find something I missed at first. It’s smart, it’s fun, shocking, it’s captivating and it’s a must read. Don’t miss out on what will most likely be one of the best series to come out this year.

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