Not All Robots #1 (REVIEW)

Aug 4, 2021


Not All Robots #1 Cover

Not All Robots #1
AWA/Upshot Studios

Written by: Mark Russell
Art by: Mike Deodato Jr. 
Colors by: Lee Louthridge

The fear of sentient robots is one that seems all too real. Thanks to the “brilliant” minds in the field of robotics, the idea of robot overlords may be a more realistic possibility than we’d like to realize. Luckily, at least for now, AWA’s Not All Robots is just a work of fiction. 

In Not All Robots #1, Mark Russell explores a dystopian future where Robots are in charge and humans are, and I quote, “the world’s most spoiled hamsters.” While this may not technically be a horror book, in my mind, it might just be the most terrifying concept I can think of. My fears aside, Not All Robots #1 is more than just a dystopian look into our future. 

Where Not All Robots succeeds is with its storytelling, a fear-inducing premise and its humor. Russell does a fantastic job of satirizing modern day social commentary. Seeing robots as political commentators or as underappreciated blue-collar workers was very comical.

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“Overall, this was a successful first issue that provides great storytelling, humor and the setup to something much more sinister.”

While seeing the role reversal between robots and humans provided moments of humor, percolating under the surface was something more ominous. Russell did a great job of building suspense throughout the entire issue. This not only led to a shocking ending, but also it set the stage for what should be an intense series. 

Adding to the storytelling is Mike Deodato Jr.’s fantastic art. Deodato’s style is very unique, a photo-realistic look that maintains a comic book feel. This style helps Not All Robots, as well as the other books he illustrates for AWA, provide a menacing and foreboding tone. 

Overall, this was a successful first issue that provides great storytelling, humor and the setup to something much more sinister. AWA Studios continues to do a great job at choosing writers and stories that are not just relevant to today, but also ones that are still able to take us to faraway places. Not All Robots #1 fits that mold perfectly.

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Score: 9.0

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